I wanted to drop a note to say “Thank You” for all your help. I was diagnosed with Chronic Urticaria (Hives) for over a decade, Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome, and other health issues. My medical doctors’ recommendations never helped. The doctors were tired of treating me for the same health issues and I was tired of going to appointment after appointment for treatments that didn’t work. However, I wanted to heal and ease the suffering from my health issues. I was tired of going the conventional medical route. My prayers were answered when I was introduced to Dr. Oladoke. After two months working with Dr. Oladoke, my chronic hives were gone and five months later, my Adrenal Fatigue problems had improved. I am also 30 pounds lighter and full of energy. Dr. Oladoke is very informative and I learned a lot from her on how to change my lifestyle to a healthy one. Again, thank you for all of your help and dedication.

Mimi, Texas 


"Rare.  A very, rare, specialized individual that is educated as a doctor.  This is how I describe Dr. Abiola.  I started to see Dr. Abiola because of Hashimoto's and digestive problems.  Immediately, her treatment plan was for me to finish the medications and supplements that I was taking that was prescribed by a naturopath, of whom I was seeing for the previous nine years.  The new supplements, partly of which she makes!, is a simpler and more effective method.  I feel more grounded, clear and have more energy.  Also, with some shifts in my dietary choices and awarenesses my digestion is more consistent and regular than it has been since I can remember.  These are only two of the major health concerns that Dr. Abiola has easily guided me in.  The rareness that describes Dr. Abiola is the amount of expertise that she has over a range of modalities.  I have had help through my psychology with informative talks with her.  As well, as what I would describe as having my brain massaged with the array of brain treatments that she offers.  I have not meet nor been treated by another practitioner as unique and qualified as Dr. Abiola.  Without a doubt I recommend her services."


San Francisco, CA

Mar 8, 2016


"Dr. Abiola is by far the best health practitioner I have ever had!  I suffered from premature ovarian failure and hormonal imbalances since I was a teenager.  Doctors put me on synthetic hormones and lots of prescription medications to induce a menstrual cycle.  All the medications I took caused me to have migraines, mood swings, depression, and digestive issues.  Years later I underwent fertility treatments in order to conceive.  In over 20 years, I have not been able to have a menstrual cycle without the help of contraceptive medication, hormones, or other drugs.  After seeing Dr. Abiola for only 8 months, I had my first cycle WITHOUT drugs or other synthetic hormones!  I never thought this was possible!  I saw another holistic health practitioner years before seeing Dr. Abiola and this well-known practitioner was not successful in balancing my hormones and getting my body to cycle.  Dr. Abiola has also treated me for and corrected other digestive disorders such as low functioning gallbladder and ileitis.  Dr. Abiola is simply amazing!  I cannot thank her enough for helping my body heal and function the way it was intended.  Absolutely miraculous!"


Santa Maria, CA


"I have a very high stress job. Before I saw Dr. Abiola, I hated to go to bed. I could never fall asleep. I’d toss and turn for hours. All the while, thinking about work. The only way I could fall asleep was to stay up until I got very exhausted.I first started seeing Dr. Abiola for stress, and better brain function. One of the first things she had me do was a sleep analysis. She discovered I wasn’t sleeping very well. After only a few days of sleeping with her custom designed sleep system, I started looking forward to going to bed. I’m now able to fall asleep quickly, and I’m getting more rest while I sleep. After a few months I started to notice that my brain seemed to function better. My short term memory has improved, I’m able to solve problems faster, and with less effort. I whole heartedly recommend Dr. Abiola to anyone who is having trouble sleeping, or those who want to retrain their brain to use some of the parts that are just coasting along. She can definitely help jump start your brain and help you better cope with the stress of modern day life." 


San Luis Obispo Ca.